Monthly Energy Journal of the Jagiellonian Institute 03/2022

21 marca 2022, 13:11 /
Monthly Energy Journal of the Jagiellonian Institute 03/2022

We invite you to read the new issue of the Jagiellonian Institute's monthly energy magazine "Energetyka w Liczbach" presenting data for the end of February 2022.

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In the monthly we present a well-known analysis of fuel prices and key indices in the energy sector, namely

  • analysis of monthly average prices of the Polish thermal coal market index (PSCMI-1),
  • coal prices at the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) ports, as well as natural gas prices in Poland (in annual contracts and on the Day-Ahead Market, DAM),
  • the trajectory of CO2 emission allowance prices and the average monthly wholesale electricity prices in Poland (DAM and forward).
  • This section concludes with an analysis of marginal variable costs of electricity generation and generation margins for generating units (taking into account 36% and 45% efficiency for coal-fired units, and 58% for gas-fired units) and a decomposition of spreads for these units.

The next part contains an analysis of the national energy balance:

  • national electricity production,
  • energy balance with the directions of foreign exchange,
  • the structure of domestic electricity production and installed capacity in the National Power System (NPS),
  • average daily coverage of power demand by individual technologies and capacity factors of selected generation units.

In the chapter "Poland compared to its neighbors", we show the volume of electricity generation by fuel, together with the indication of the volume of CO2 emissions and carbon intensity per 1 MWh, the structure of production and the share of emission-free sources, as well as monthly average wholesale prices of electricity in the presented national economies.

An interesting part of the issue is a summary of the import structure of key raw materials by the European Union and Poland and the presentation of the REPowerEU action plan.

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